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  • If you’d like to expand on the contents of the blog postings, raise issues that pertain to them or best of all, suggest related matters that might be of use to other readers of the post, type your brains out. That’s what the Comments function is here for.
  • If you’ve found specific posts helpful and you’d like to tell other readers of them why, go for it, with our thanks.
  • Profanity, incivility and a dearth of polite behavior won’t cut it – rude, abusive or inappropriate comments will be history.
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  • If you’re encountering difficulties with Alchemy Mindworks software or related products, you need to visit our software support page. We are unable to address specific support issues in the blog.
  • If you have comments about the blog in general – the color scheme, the choice of typefaces, the lack of rhinoceroses – we’d enjoy hearing from you. Please see our contact page.
  • We won’t approve comments which we consider to be primarily derogatory about anyone or anything – including us – to the exclusion of any other meaningful issues. If you need to vent, you should probably create a blog of your own.
  • Comments that are incoherent, unreadable, typed all in upper case, val-speak stream-of-consciousness neo-Platonic catfish sculptures that just go on and on and on and never get to the point but flow mindlessly from one subject to the other without any structure unless… like… what was I saying? Oh ya… we won’t post those.
  • We reserve the right to decline to post any comments entered at our blog, for any reason, without explanation. Don’t take it personally.

Alchemy Mindworks is a for-profit enterprise, and this blog was created to allow us to better support the users of our software. Our commenting policies have been created to further this purpose.

We like free expression – we just aren’t prepared to let it take over the company.